AUTO-CAMPING Embraces Solar Power

Our fleet of 49 delivery vehicles consists mostly of VW Golfs and Jettas, which achieve high mACL-Photovoltaik-1024x764ileage per tank. The environmental footprint of our delivery fleet has always been a concern for us. In an effort to partially offset the carbon emissions footprint of our fleet, we decided to install a Solar Photovoltaic System. The 100 KW system was constructed during November and December 2012 and went into operation in February 2013. The solar panels cover about 10,000 square feet on the roof of Auto-Camping’s main distribution center in Scarborough, Ontario. A full year of photovoltaic energy production from our solar array can offset the emissions of 21 delivery vehicles; a great contribution in an automotive world where the offsetting of pollutants is not always on people’s mind.